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About SingaporeLaw


The SingaporeLaw Committee, officially formed and supported by the Singapore Academy of Law and the Ministry of Law, devises and implements strategies and activities to increase the international profile of Singapore law and to promote Singapore as a centre for dispute resolution. 

The Committee is headed and chaired by The Honourable Justice Vinodh Coomaraswamy. The members of the Committee come from a diverse background and include senior officer from the Ministry of Law, legal academia and senior practising lawyers. These members contribute their ideas and time to enhance the effectiveness of the promotion strategy and activities.

The focus of the Committee is to encourage parties to choose Singapore law as the governing law for their international commercial transactions, for example, where foreign parties are unable to agree on the use of the law of the jurisdiction of one of the parties, or when Singapore parties enter into agreements with foreign parties. The Committee also encourages parties to use Singapore as a venue for dispute resolution when a neutral location is required.