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International Debt Restructuring in Asia

International Debt Restructuring in Asia

Learn about Singapore's debt restructuring frameworks and why you should choose Singapore law as the governing law in your financing and debt restructuring agreements. 

Available in English and Chinese versions.


Singapore Arbitration Handbook

Leslie K.H. Chew

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Review of Rules of Court Relating to Arbitration

Law Reform and Revision, Attorney-General's Chambers

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Arbitration in Asia, Second Edition

Michael J. Moser

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SIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules with Guide for Users


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Mediation - Principles, Process, Practice - Third Edition

Lawrence Boulle

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Resolving Disputes by Arbitration: What You Need To Know

Catherine Tay Swee Kian

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Court Mediation In Singapore

Lim Lan Yuan; Liew Thiam Leng

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The Theory and Practice of Mediation

Lim Lan Yuan

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Singapore Arbitral Awards 2012


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Banking and Finance

Law of Negotiable Instruments

Dr Poh Chu Chai

LexisNexis, 2007

Law of Banker and Customer - 5th Edition

Dr Poh Chu Chai

LexisNexis, 2004

Law of Pledges, Guarantees, and Letters of Credit - 5th Edition

Dr Poh Chu Chai

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Ellinger's Modern Banking Law - 5th Edition

E.P. Ellinger, E. Lomnicka and C. Hare

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LexisNexis Business Law Series: Finance Law

Pauline Gan, Loo Wei Ling, Low Kee Yang

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Financial Markets & Institutions in Singapore

Tan Chwee Huat

Singapore University Press, 1999

Banking & Finance Singapore

Pang, Johnson Yok

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Banking & Finance in Singapore: The Legal Framework

McCracken, Sheelagh

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Law of Negotiable Instruments in Singapore and Malaysia

Cheang, Molly

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The Law of Banking & Negotiable Instruments in Singapore & Malaysia

Myint Soe

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The Law of Consumer Credit

Lee Chin Yen

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Twenty Years of Development in Banking Law in Singapore, 1959-1979

Myint Soe

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Banks and Banking

Myint Soe

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A Sourcebook on Banking Law in Singapore & Malaysia

Myint Soe

Institute of Banking and Finances, 1977

Documentary Letters of Credit - A Comparative Study

Eliahu Peter Ellinger

University of Singapore Press, 1970

Building & Construction Law

Security of Payments and Construction Adjucation

Chow Kok Fong

LexisNexis, 2005

Law of Banker and Customer - 5th Edition

Building and Construction Authority Singapore (BCA)

Building and Construction Authority Singapore, 2005

Construction Defects; Your Rights and Remedies

Monica Neo

Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2005

Law and Practice of Construction Contracts - 3rd Edition

Chow Kok Fong

Thomson Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2004

Casebook on Insolvency and the Contruction Industry

Philip C. F. Chan

Thomson Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2004

Contract Administration - Guide to the SIA Conditions of Building Contract

Eugenie Lip, Sundaresh Menon, Choy Chee Yean, Graham Lim

LexisNexis, 2003

Singapore Building Control Handbook

Anne Magdaline Netto; Lam Khee Poh; Choy Kah Kin

LexisNexis, 2003

Building Contract Law in Singapore

Edwin Lee Peng Koon

Acumen, 2003

Public Sector Standard Conditons of Contract for Design and Build - A Commentary

Drew & Napier LLC; KPK Quantity Surveyors

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Commonwealth Construction Cases: The Singapore Perspective

Philip C. F. Chan

Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2002

Architects & the Law in Singapore

Christopher Chuah

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Construction Law Casebook 2001/2002 - Vol 2

Chow Kok Fong; Philip CF Chan

LexisNexis, 2002

The Singapore Standard Form of Building Contract: An Annotation

Chan Tan & Partners, Davis Langdon, Seah Singapore Pte Ltd

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Construction Law in Singapore and Malaysia


Nigel M. Robinson, Anthony P. Lavers, George K.H. Tan, Raymond Chan

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Commercial Law

Law and practice of corporate insolvency

General editor: Andrew Chan Chee Yin

LexisNexis, 2005

Developing and Managing a Franchise

Albert Kong; FT Consulting (Singapore); Rachael Ong; Yew Woong Chooi; KhattarWong; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Keoy Soo Earn; June Boo; Audrey Yap;

LexisNexis, 2006

Basic Principles of Singapore Business Law

Andrew Phang

Thomson Learning (Asia), 2004

Butterworths' Singapore Statutes - Commercial

Lee, Jeffrey

LexisNexis , 2003


Singapore Business Law 5th Edition

Tabalujan, Benny S; Du-Toit Low, Valerie

BusinessLaw, 2003

Introduction to Business Law in Singapore

Ravi Chandran

McGraw-Hill, 2003

The Law of Contract

Dato' Seri Dr Visu Sinnadurai

LexisNexis, 2003

The Executive's Guide to Business & the Law

Kee Yang, Low; Tabalujan, Benny S.

Prentice Hall, 2002


Singapore Precedents & Forms - Joint Ventures & Mergers & Acquisitions (Vol B)

Ong Beng Lay, Samuel Seow

LexisNexis, 2002

Bankruptcy law in Malaysia and Singapore a sourcebook of principles, practice, procedure, cases & materials

Ganesan, G. K.

Marsden Law Book Co, 2001

Principles of Singapore Law (Including Business Law)

Myint Soe

Institute of Banking and Finance, 2001

Singapore Business Law

Benny S. Tabalujan

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Basic Business Law in Singapore

Walter Woon; Revised by Terence Tan

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Doing Business in Singapore

Allen & Gledhill

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LexisNexis Business Law Series: Contract Law

Lum Kit-Wye, Victor Yeo, Low Kee Yang

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Singapore Business Practice


CCH Asia Limited, 1997-2001


Singapore Business Law : An Introductory Text

Benny S. Tabalujan

Hornbill Press, BusinessLaw Asia

Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Asia - 2nd Edition

George Shenoy, Toh See Kiat (ed)

Addison Wesley, 2011

Law of Rights and Obligations of Business in Singapore

George Shenoy (ed)

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The Bills of Sale in Singapore and Malaysia

K Anandarajah

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Singapore Business: The Portable Encyclopedia for Doing Business with Singapore

Christine A. Genzberger

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Business Law in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore

Judith Sihombing, Nik Ramlah Mahmood, Paul Latimer

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Business Law in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore

Judith Sihombing, Nik Ramlah Mahmood, Paul Latimer

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Business Law in Singapore

Wu Min Aun

Aspatra Quest Publishers, 1984

Company Law

Woon's Corporation Law


LexisNexis, 2006

Walter Woon on Company Law - Revised Third Edition

Walter Woon

Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2005

Commercial Applications of Company Law 2012 - 13th edition

Pamela Hanrahan, Ian Ramsay and Geof Stapledon, University of Melbourne

CCH Asia, 2004

Basic essentials of corporate governance

Kala Anandarajah

LexisNexis , 2004


Corporate Governance Compliance

Kala Anandarajah

LexisNexis, 2003

Corporate Governance: A Practical Approach

Kala Anandarajah

LexisNexis, 2001

Singapore Companies Legislation


CCH Asia Ltd, 2001

Directors' Manual Singapore


CCH Asia Ltd, 2000


Minority Shareholders' Right and Remedies - 2nd Edition

Margaret Chew

LexisNexis, 2007

LexisNexis Business Law Series: Company Law

Pearlie Koh, Victor Yeo, Low Kee Yang

LexisNexis, 1999

A Good Start: RCB's Guide to Setting Up Business in Singapore, Registry of Companies and Businesses



Take-Overs and Mergers

Chidambaram Chandrasegar

Butterworths, 1995


Guide to Company Law in Malaysia and Singapore


CCH Asia, 1995

Corporate Debt Securitization - Regulation and Documentation

Hairani Saaban

LexisNexis, 1994

Malaysian and Singapore Company and Securities Law Reports

Walter Woon

CCH Asia, 1994

The Companies Act of Singapore an annotation

Walter Woon, Andrew Hicks

Butterworths Asia, 1989


Malaysian & Singapore Companies & Securities Law Cases

CCH Law Editors

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The Regulation of Financial and Capital Markets

Charmaine Lye and Rosalind Lazar

Published on behalf of Singapore Academy of Law by SNP Publishers, 1991

Malaysian and Singapore Company Law & Practice

Prof Lee Suet Lin, Tan Ai Ning

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Judicial Management in Singapore

T.C. Choong, V.K. Rajah

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Malaysian and Singapore Company Law Cases: (1950 - 1985)


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Take-Overs in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong

Chandrasegar, C

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Business firms and companies

Sia, Suat Hwa.

Times Books International, 1984

Times Books International

Philip Nalliah Pillai

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Company Law

Philip Nalliah Pillai

Malaya Law Review, Law Faculty, University of Singapore, 1979

Legal Framework of Business Organizations

Philip Nalliah Pillai

Malaya Law Review, Law Faculty, University of Singapore, 1978

Singapore Code on Take-Overs & Mergers - A Comparative Analysis

Rajah and Tann

CCH Asia

CCH Quick Reads: Company Law


CCH Asia


Singapore Companies & Securities Legislation


CCH Asia

Civil Practice

Singapore Court Practice 2005

Jeffrey Pinsler

LexisNexis, 2005

Review of Rules of Court Relating to Arbitration

Jeffrey Pinsler

LexisNexis, 2003

Civil Justice in Singapore: Developments in the Course of the 20th Century

Jeffrey Pinsler

Butterworths Asia, 2000

Civil Practice in Singapore and Malaysia

Jeffrey Pinsler

LexisNexis , 1996


Enforcing Injunctions

Alban Kang

Butterworths Asia, 1995

Interlocutory Injunctions - 2nd Edition

Adrian Wong

LexisNexis, 1992

Equity, Trusts and Succession

Probate and Administration in Singapore and Malaysia

G Raman

LexisNexis, 2005

Singapore Precedents & Forms - Wills, and Trusts and Administration

G Raman, Blossom Tan Hwee Eng, Gregory Vijayendran G, Joanna Foong

LexisNexis, 2004

Law of Guarantees
Law of Torts

The Practitioners' Library Assessment of Damages: Personal Injuries and Fatal Accidents

Subordinate Courts

LexisNexis, 2005

Professional Liability in Singapore and Malaysia: Lawyers

K. Anparasan

CCH Asia, 2003

Handbook on Damages for Personal Injuries and Death in Singapore and Malaysia (2nd ed)

Michael F. Rutter

Butterworths Asia, 1993

The Law of Defamation in Singapore and Malaysia (2nd ed)

Keith R. Evans

Butterworths Asia, 1993


Occupier’s Liability in Singapore and Malaysia

Michael F. Rutter

Butterworths, 1985

Insurance Law


Principles of Insurance Law – 6th edition

Poh Chu Chai

LexisNexis, 2005

LexisNexis Business Law Series: Insurance Law

Erin Goh, Valerie Low

LexisNexis, 2001

Law of Life, Motor and Workmen's Compensation Insurance

Poh Chu Chai

LexisNexis, 2006

Insurance Law in Singapore – 2nd edition

Prof Tan Lee Meng

Butterworths Asia, 1997


Insurance Regulation and Insurance Development in Singapore

Law Song Keng

Singapore Insurance Training Centre, 1989

Handbook of Singapore Insurance Law

Sheila Murugasu

Longman Singapore, 1987

Notices to Insurers, Licensed Agents and Brokers


Monetary Authority of Singapore, 1984

The Insurance Law of Singapore and Malaysia: Cases, Materials and Comments

Myint Soe

Singapore Insurance Training Centre, 1977

Partnership Law

Partnership Law in Singapore

Yeo Hwee Ying

Butterworths Asia, 2000

Company Law and Partnership Law in Selected Asian Countries: China Hong Kong Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia Singapore

Christian Salbaing

Business Organisations Committee of the IBA Section on Business Law, 1986

The Law of Partnership in Singapore and Malaysia (2nd ed)

Peter Koh Soon Kwang

Professional Publications, 1984

Securities Law

Principles and Practice of Securities Regulation in Singapore

Hans Tjio

LexisNexis, 2004

Securities and Futures Act 2001: A Comparative Analysis

Rajah & Tann Advocates & Solicitors

CCH Asia, 2002

Legal Aspects of Unit Trusts in Singapore

Chiwi Lee

Acumen Publishing, 2001

Singapore Securities Legislation


CCH Asia , 2001


Singapore Companies Legislation


CCH Asia , 2001

Butterworths Handbook of Singapore Securities Law


CCH Asia, 1999

Malaysian and Singapore Company and Securities Law Reports

Walter Woon

LexisNexis, 1994

Malaysian & Singapore Company & Securities Law Cases


CCH Asia, 1992


Company Law and Securities Regulation in Singapore

Philip Pillai

Butterworths, 1987

Securities Regulation in Singapore and Malaysia

Tan Pheng Theng

Stock Exchange of Singapore, 1979

Articles on Securities in Singapore and Malaysia Law Library


University of Singapore, 1977

Shipping Law

Ship Finance - Singapore and Malaysia

Vangat Ramayah

LexisNexis, 2001

Admiralty Law & Practice

Toh Kian Sing

Butterworths Asia, 1998

Singapore on Carriage of Goods by Sea - Second Edition

Tan Lee Meng

Butterworths Asia, 1994

Carriage of Goods by Sea

Peter Koh Soon Kwang

Butterworths Asia, 1986


Shipping Law

James Wong C.K.K

Malaya Law Review, 1977

Singapore Legal System

Civil Justice in Singapore – Developments in the Course of the 20th Century

Jeffrey Pinsler

Butterworths Asia, 2000

The Legal System

Kevin Y.L. Tan

Singapore University Press, 1998

The Legal System of Singapore

Helena HM Chan

Butterworths, 1995

Essays in Law

Prof R.H. Hickling

Pelanduk Publications , 1992


The Development of Law: Historical and Socio-Legal Perspectives

Andrew Phang Boon Leong

Butterworths, 1990

The Legal System

Walter Woon

Longman Singapore, 1989

A Guide to Reception, Precedent and the Sources of Law in the Republic of Singapore and the Federation of Malaysia

Michael F. Rutter

Malayan Law Journal, 1989

Taxation and Revenue

Singapore Revenue Legislation 2005


LexisNexis, 2005

CCH Quick Reads: Corporate Tax

Walter Woon

CCH Asia, 2005

Essentials of Effective Tax Management

Lee Fook Hong

LexisNexis, 2004

Goods and Services Tax – The Law & Practice

Charles Lim Aeng Cheng, Leung Yew Kwong, Chia-Tern Huey Min

LexisNexis , 2002


Tax Issues: Articles and Case Notes


CCH Asia, 2001

1994-2004 Bound Malaysia and Singapore Tax Cases


CCH Asia, 1999

Stamp Duty in Singapore

Leung Yew Kwong

Butterworths Asia, 1999

Tax Incentives for Investments in Singapore (3rd ed)

Margaret Fordham

FT Law & Tax, 1997


Revenue Law in Singapore and Malaysia: Cases and Commentary – 2nd edition

Dr Leo D Pointon

Butterworths Asia, 1993

Singapore Goods and Services Tax Guide Vols 1 and 2


CCH Asia, 1993

Malaysian and Singapore Tax Cases


CCH Asia, 1992

CCH Quick Reads: Goods and Services Tax

Chidambaram Chandrasegar

CCH Asia, 2008


Singapore Taxation (2nd ed)

Pok Soy Yoong

LexisNexis, 1989

Singapore Master Tax Guide Handbook


CCH Asia, 1971

Other Reference Works

The Law Market

Erin A. O'Hara, Larry E. Ribstein

Oxford University Press, 2009

Developments in Singapore Law between 1996-2000

Kenneth Tan Wee Kheng

Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2001

Principles of Law for Engineers

George Shenoy (ed)

Prentice Hall, 2001

Halsbury’s Law of Singapore


Butterworths Asia, 1998